Nepal’s Tourism: Envoys of 10 Countries Visit Pokhara Bringing Positivity

अंग्रेजी मनोरञ्जन राजनीति विश्व

Photo Courtesy: Radhi Kadel, Pokhara

Thursday, September 30, 2021/Pokhara-

The recently held gathering of envoys from 10 countries in the tourism city of Pokhara in Kaski district, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, has begun to attract tourists.

Envoys from Bangladesh, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and UAE reached Pokhara on Sunday and enjoyed their stay by hiking, boating and flying ultra-light aircraft to boost Nepal tourism.

This was followed by an initiation from the provincial government to celebrate the World Tourism Day and boost tourism activities hampered by covid-19 pandemic.

Some other high ranking officials from different embassies and international organisations based in Kathmandu also joined them.

Pokhara Tourism Board also organised different programs to entertain the envoys on the occasion.

Provincial foreign minister Mani Bhadra Sharma had welcomed the guests at the Pokhara airport.

Photographs of envoys participating in different activities were released, which showed their good spirit and relaxation in course of their stay.