Rara Eco Resort Being Built on Murma Top

अंग्रेजी मनोरञ्जन

Monday, September 6, 2021/Mugu-
Rara eco resort is being built on Murma top facing the most scintillating and breathtaking Rara lake in Chhayanath Rara municipality in Mugu district.

Earlier, though visitors in large number thronged the beautiful destination of Murma top upon reaching Rara; there were no well managed place to stay and enjoy.

Debi Krishna Rokaya, youth tourism entrepreneur of Karnali and owner of Rara Eco Resort says the lodges and hotels should be constructed outside the premises of Rara lake; inorder to preserve and protect it’s beauty.

“Over 90 percent of tourists visiting Rara reach Murma and those who fail they miss the actual part of the journey!” Says Rokaya.

“Until now there is problem of lodging, food and water, with the completion of our dream; the tourists will have comfortable and enjoyable time, making great memories of their stay,” Rokaya added.

“Such additional destinations will also enable to elongate their stay,” he informed.

One can see the entire scenic beauty of Rara lake, Chhayanath, Chuchemara, Murma village, Rimokchha, Chankheli, Kanjirowa, Koiki himal, sunrise across Rara from the resort.

Since 2019, he had been providing homestay service which is located around 800 mtrs further near Majhghatta, on the way to Khatyaad khola and welcomed around 50-100 guests each day.

The resort is being built in 10 ropani land, using the local wood, mud and stones.

After the further development of Murma homestay and Rara eco resort the team is expecting to serve around 300 visitors each day.

Rara adventure owned by him also makes the journey easy.