10 facts about Nepal !


  1. A flag that’s unlike other flags!

Nepal’s national flag looks like two right angled triangles set one above the other. It is like the Himalayan mountain range. The flag is filled with red color that is the national color of the country and outlined by blue which represents peace. Faces of Sun and Moon stand in each half.




2.Birth Place of Buddha!

Nepal is also the birth place of Lord Gautama Buddha. He was a prince who left his kingdom and luxury at the age of 30. He got enlightenment and preached for truth and peace. Even today we can see the Maya Devi temple, where he was born in Kapilvastu.




3.Sagarmatha-the highest mountain in the world!

Sagarmatha is just another name for Mount Everest in Nepal. And yes it continues to be the highest mountain in the world. Many mountaineers come to Nepal with an urge to climb to the roof of the world. It’s 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above sea level.


4.Land of Lakes!

If you like water bodies, then you are up for a visual treat. Believe it or not, Nepal has about 200 lakes out of which some are located in the mountains. Yes, you read it right, mountain lakes and mid-hill lakes are found in bulk in this mystical land. Rara is the biggest and longest lake in Nepal which is situated amidst the gigantic Himalayas.





5.The highest lake on earth!

Tilicho, is the lake located at the highest altitude 4,919 meters above the sea level. It is one of the beautiful lake covered with snow in Manang district of Nepal.



6.The Freeland!

Nepal doesn’t celebrate Independence Day because it doesn’t have one. It has never been a slave to any other country and has been following its Kingdom Dynasty. But after the Royal massacre, the Political face of Nepal kept changing, and it’s currently a secular nation.

7.Linguistic Hub!

There are 123 languages are spoken in Nepal. Its closeness to Tibet, India, and China for centuries gave birth to many colloquial languages.


8.World’s Deepest Gorge is here!

Nepal is the proud custodian of world’s deepest gorge- the famous Kali Gandaki Gorge. This gorge has a tremendous influence on business and is being used for centuries as a trade route between Tibet and Nepal.



9.More than 20 species of rhododendrons

Lali Gurans, meaning Red Rhododendron in Nepali, is the national flower of Nepal. There are more than 30 species of rhododendron in Nepal, with dozens of varieties in all sizes and colors. Lali Gurans are found at altitudes as low as 1,200 meters and as high as 3,600 meters. The flower grows throughout the whole length of Nepal and is remarkably colored in all shades of red, pink and white.


10.Endangered species of animal and birds.

Nepal is the home for many endangered species of animals and birds. Bengal Tiger, red panda, one-horned rhino along others are found here.