Senior tourism entrepreneur Jyoti Adhikari’s ten suggestions on Lockdown

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता स्वास्थ्य

April 22, 2020/Kathmandu

Jyoti Adhikari is a heard name in Nepalese Tourism Industry. Adhikari is the former President of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal and has been active in Nepalese Tourism Industry since three decades. He is the owner of Hotel Holy Himalaya in Thamel and is involved in many other social activities too. Upon the request by the walker team, he has come up with the following 10 point suggestions to the Government on lockdown.

1.Immediately end the lockdown! If it continues like this, it will not only hamper our economy but also our habits and brain! And it will take the entire period for the vaccine of Covid-19 to enter our body and create the resistance power. So can we sit like a coward throughout like this ?

2.Different sectors should be categorised as per the rule of the traffic light! The most affected region should be managed and maintained first (Red Zone). The resource should be well centralised!

3.The vaccines should be kept in a ready position around the border region (Yellow zone). The security should control the situation and only directed activities should be allowed.

4.Other sectors too all the activities should be carried out with alertness.

5. People with immense scarcity should be  allowed with loan at zero interest rate by the respective ward. Poor, senior citizens and children should get free fooding, lodging and medical care!

6.Cleaning should be done across the country. Campaign should be launched to make the places free of tobacco, bottles and food packets.

7.Beautification Decade Campaign should be launched for the tourists! This will be everywhere!

8.Big crowds should be controlled ! Devastating earthquake and Covid-19 has already given us a symbolic challenge those loving oceans of people! Tourists should be invited in the limited number of 2-16 members in a group! (Just like Bhutan model)

9.Small and scattered business houses should be run jointly.

10.Debate should be made open on our lifestyle and habitat improvement ! Open spaces and small settlements have been always safe!