Animal Rights Activists Protest Against Brutal Killing of Khaire


April 13, 2021/Kathmandu-
Animal rights activists and animal lovers staged a demonstration at Maitighar Mandala against the brutal killing of Khaire.

The angry campaigners were seen holding playcards demanding justice to Khaire, the dog in Dhulikhel of Kavrepalanchok on March 31.

A short video of two men thrashing a helpless dog tied to a pole went viral on social media on Sunday with many people calling out for immediate punishment to the culprit.

It was filmed by a hostel student who witnessed the heinous act from his room.

Two cruel men were seen continuously hitting the dog with a spade and rod.

According to Kavre Police, it was said that the dog had bit a child in the vicinity.

However, locals say that Khaire was a lovable dog and it’s master had recently passed away.

Animal right organisations like Forum for Animal Welfare Nepal, Sneha Care along others staged the protest.

Many animal lovers were seen demonstrating at Maitighar along with their pets.

Human beings are so cruel and self-centered that life of other living things doesn’t matter them at all.

Animal right activists say that lack of animal policies in the country allows inhuman practices against them and considered obvious.

Animal rights and concern for them has been increasing amongst the youths comparatively.