67 Endangered Vultures Found Dead in Parasi


April 22, 2021
67 vultures of various endangered species were found dead at Jitpur of Ramgram Municipality-4 in Nawalparasi (West).

The birds in such large number were found dead around a local pond.

According to Bharat Kafle, chief at the district livestock service expert office, 33 white-rumped, 31 himalayan griffon, two cinereous vultures and one slender-billed vulture were found dead on Wednesday.

Investigation is underway to find the actual cause of their deaths.

Meanwhile, a himalayan griffon was found alive and is being treated.

Also, the remains of two dogs were found where the vultures were lying dead.

The carcasses of two other dogs were also recovered in a sack nearby.

Looking into the scenario and preliminary investigation shows that the vultures died after preying on the fleshes of the dead dogs, who were probably poisoned to death.

The incident has shocked birds conservationists and others.

The Ramgram municipality has also clearified that they have not launched any campaign to control the stray dogs.

“The death of 67 endangered vultures is a huge loss for vulture conservation. Proper investigation and study should be conducted to avert such a tragedy in the future,” said DB Chaudhary, a bird conservationist.

Vultures should be preserved and protected as they prey on dead animals and prevent spread of many contagious diseases which are extremely harmful to human beings.