Fire at Mugu District Headquarter Gamgadi Destroys 21 Houses


Tuesday, November 16, 2021/Gamgadi-

Midnight fire in Mugu district headquarter Gamgadi has destroyed 21 houses, including shops.

The fire which began to spread at around 12:30 midnight destroyed 18 houses and 3 shops in the lower market area in Gamgadi.

“The victim families were rescued and there have been no human or animal loss in the incident. And the fire was controlled by 4:30 with the joint effort of Nepal army, armed police, police and local people,” according to DSP Chitra Bhattarai.

“All efforts are underway for preliminary compensation to the victim and coordination between the Chhayanath Rara Municipality, district disaster management committee and other stakeholders is underway,” Bhattarai added.

It is said that the oil lamp at local resident Thinle Lama’s house could be the reason behind the widespread fire.

Meanwhile, the victim families have been taking shelter at their relatives place as the days are growing colder.