Adhikari brothers of Pokhara

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Upendra Adhikari and Krishna Adhikari are two brothers, who are now tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara. In the earlier phase they slogged at different travel offices to make the ends meet. They now jointly own Café ‘Coffee Break’, Fly Nirwana Paragliding Company, Radical Travel and Tour and Kestrell Nest Studio Inn. Their continuous effort and hard work has taken the form of a  family business. Among the two, Upendra Adhikari is elder and Krishna Adhikari is younger one. Their age was 20 and 18 when they decided to commence the business. They had never thought about the huge profits they would reap some day. However one thing was for sure and they were confident that they wouldn’t lose the race. But their first commercial effort was a Cyber. They had once also tried for foreign employment, but returned back within a year. Now their business has employed 25 people. ” Whatever we do we must do it in our own country, because its not only that we should benefit; but also other Nepalese,” exclaims Krishna Adhikari. He is also the president of Nepal Paragliding Pilots Club. It has 11 executive members including a woman member. The initial struggle days were very tough. But they worked hard without a halt, supporting and comforting each other. Today the success is at their feet. The Adhikari brothers are a good example for others too.