All 11 Rescued in Rapti Sonari Flood in Banke


June 21, 2020/Banke
All 11 people trapped due to flooding in Rapti river in Rapti Sonari in Banke have been rescued by the local representatives and youths.
6 men were rescued in the evening while 5 women were still trapped due to the floods.
Local youths with the help of armed police and army has rescued them.
“The locals had received a rescue training under the disaster management and that helped a lot. We are glad all are safe, ” informed Namuna KC, the province parliamentarian from the region.
The women rescued at night were from Rapti Sonari rural municipality-5, Lalahi village in Banke.
The women had been to the river side jungle to gather fodder for their cattles, when the flood hit them in the evening.
Though it had not rained in Banke on Saturday, the incessant rain in the mountains had caused the sudden flooding in Rapti river.