Amount for marriage expenses donated for Covid-19 Relief Fund

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

April 27, 2020
Congress senior leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula’s son Shyam Sitaula has donated the amount for marriage expenses for the Covid-19 Relief Fund.
Three months back Shyam Sitaula’s marriage was fixed with Manisha Bimali of Jhapa.
Amid the tensions of Corona pandemic, the Sitaula family rather planned not to cancel the marriage.
Only 5 family members were present, as per the rule fixed by the government.
The couples and other family members were seen wearing mask and maintaining social diatance.
They even used sanitisers.
The amount of 5 lakh rupees has been divided for different relief funds as per their residensial location along others.
Many marriage ceremonies and other occasions have been hampered following the outbreak of Covid-19 across the country and the globe around.