Animals around the hotel premises- Madhav Dawadi, tourism entrepreneur-Sauraha


Sauraha is a jewel of Chitwan. No one can think of Chitwan without mentioning about it. Things have changed in recent years. There has been a lot development. But I find the Government has not given much priority to tourism sector as has to be given. I don’t say that other sector should not be given priority to, but it’s high time the Government should know which sector could lead the country to prosperity soon. Another thing is the diverse wild life we have here in Nepal. Many tourists come here to watch the different species of birds and animals, which are rare in other parts of the world. Our one-horned rhino is very famous. It is one of the endangered species also found in some parts of India. One can see these lovely creatures on the roads even. It’s because they feel secured. In foreign countries we can see that the wild animals are also tamed as part of the hotel. They add beauty to the place. In foreign countries you can see peacocks are grown in the hotel premises. The guests also feel fresh by looking at these beautiful birds. They click photos with them. For some people these birds could be new. I think certain wild animals should be allowed to be kept as pet. Certain rules about their keeping could be formed along with the conservationists. Proper records could be maintained about the number of them with each hotel. Tagging could be done. In case of some accident too, we could report about it to the responsible office. Wild animals will attract more tourists. Keeping these creatures is also a part of the innovation now a days most entrepreneurs are using in foreign lands. In my own two star hotel I have tried to combine the local typical culture, foreign technology and my own concept. But we are trying our hard to make our guests happy and upgrade our service. Animals around the hote premises would add beauty to the scene !