Bardiya: Three Die in Trap Laid for Wild Boars


Saturday, September 18, 2021/Bardiya- Three members of the same family died, after being trapped in an electric trap laid for wild boars.

Bal Krishna Tharu, 32, his wife Sunita Tharu, 29, and her sister-in-law Belmati Tharu, 43, of Bhurigaun in Thakurbaba municipality of Bardiya are the deceased, according to Bardiya District Police Office.

Their neighbours had set up the trap to kill wild boars that cause damage to the crops.

It is said one among the deceased was first electrocuted in between 10-11 pm on Friday night and other two died after they tried to rescue him, as per Sant Bh Sunar, Chief District Officer of Bardiya.

“Further investigation is underway as 83-year-old Raj Bahadur Shahi has been arrested for setting the electric trap,” Sunar added.

The bodies are sent to district hospital for postmortem.