Breakfast with giraffes

अंग्रेजी मनोरञ्जन



If you want to share your breakfast with Giraffes and make friendship with them; Giraffe Manor would be the perfect place. The Carr-Hartley family have the rare honor of sharing their manor estate with some of the most beautiful, endangered creatures in the world: Rothschild giraffes. It’s located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. It sprawls across 140 acres of land and is home to eight healthy giraffes.

It was opened in 1984 by the previous owners. The small boutique hotel offers guests the chance of a memorable time with the gentle giants.

Every morning these innocent creatures come to wish you good morning. They also poke their heads through the windows for morning treat from your table.

Guests are free to have their breakfast with them or take photos.

They are now habituated with this daily routine. And the Giraffe Manor would be incomplete without  these pets in the scene.

Additionally, guests may see warthog, impala, and some small antelope species. Bird life is also abundant in the Langate forest that covers much of the estate, making for a most beautiful setting to relax.


The hotel has only 10 rooms, and prices start at over $500 per person per night.

Yeah, it may not sound cheap, but it is supporting a great cause in protecting these endangered species. Check out the pictures below for what you can expect from a stay at the Giraffe Manor.


People from all over the world dream of visiting the place.

However some people are fortunate enough to make their wish come true.

If you have visited the place once with your children, it is for sure it will become one of their favorite destination.

People tend to forget all their worries and office tasks and enjoy their stay with these lovely visitors peeping around.

Also your stay will contribute for a noble cause.