Breaking Stigma About Massage Centre-Padam Sitaula, advisor-Spa Association Nepal

अंग्रेजी मनोरञ्जन

Spa and massage centers are part of the beauty care. When I established my Spa ‘Harmony Health and Beauty Home,’ there were only around three others in Pokhara. People’s thought about the massage centers were tainted, that they ran some illegal businesses in the disguise of service. So it was a big challenge for me to overcome such hurdles and prove that it was a pure service oriented business. I fully agree that whoever tries to pollute the sector should be brought to book in order to save honest business person, who are dedicated in the field. I had just returned back from my six years foreign employment in Doha of Qatar. My brother had experience in the sector and had concluded that it was a good industry for investment. He had convinced me to go for it. I too had the confidence that my investment would not go waste. I had some confusion because though Pokhara had not ruined it’s name in those prejudices; there still prevailed some hesitation. But now I think if your thoughts are meek no one can halt you. I feel glad now to inform that Pokhara Tourism Council has recently added our business as a part of the tourism industry. Even today our women staffs share with us that they have problem in disclosing their job. But you can ask them, they are happy with the work they do. I have directed all of my staff that ever any customer with negative thoughts enter here; they are to be sent out immediately. We respect our profession and expect the same from others. It’s also a hospitality business. People tend to come here and repair their fatigue body with loads of work load and hectic life. I think people should manage time for themselves also. Though time has not changed yet. It will take more time to clear such mindset of people. The good part is that even those people who were unable to take formal education, can opt for the job. I myself train them before employing them. Everybody cannot effort to take training before job. So for my staffs, it’s my duty to train them. We provide all the beauty service of facial, waxing, nail art etc. Right now I have fifteen employees. I also run a restaurant here at the lakeside itself.

The new comers should abide by one rule that after receiving training they need to serve with us at least for a year. A Chinese citizen had trained us in Kathmandu. We had to pay sixty thousand rupees for each item. But the training has increased my confidence level. One thing I was for sure that slowly Nepalese will understand that Sauna and Spa is a must for a good health, it does away with toxins in body. And people also feel relaxed and fresh. The rumors about the activities related the massage service should be wiped out from our minds. We the service provider and the service seekers all should be clear in this matter. Let us all be sincere to our profession. If we want to succeed in our career we need to love it !