Bus Service Introduced In Tribhuwan Airport: Golden Gate to Internal Terminus

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Monday, November 8, 2021/Kathmandu-

Bus service has been introduced from golden gate near the entrance of the Tribhuwan International Airport to the internal terminus, with two way service.

The service has been started in the initiation of the Federal Tourism Minister Prem Ale on Monday.

On the occasion the minister personally inspected the airport premises and directed to give proper service to the people.

“There are all levels of people seeking flight service. Some may not afford a taxi while returning back home or en route any purpose in the capital. It’s not compulsory, but anyone can use it free of cost,” Minister Ale said talking to the walker.

“I have been personally wondering since long time about the hardship of walking up and down the distance before reaching the internal terminus,” he added.

At present two buses have been plying carrying the passengers.

Minister’s secretariat has informed that there had been complaints too about the expensive taxi fares charged on the passengers.

With this service, the service seekers could board public vehicles after reaching out the entrance of the airport.