Children During Lockdown ! Prince Bista


The lockdown has shattered our daily routines and immensely affected our lives. Over 15000 people have been affected from Covid-19. My friend Kalpana (name changed ) is studying Japanese online, Ramesh is learning to ride bike. I am engaged with guitar, my father has bought one for me. Some have started learning cooking new dishes. Many youths have started to become creator in YouTube and become streamers. But this our compulsion to kill the time, as days are really hard for us. Most of my friends love outdoor sports. Even I wanted to take a proper football training from a good coach. But now we are compelled to stay home and have no other option.
The lockdown imposed to curb the coronavirus has created havoc in everyone’s life. No matter what the age group or the profession, the lockdown has restricted us to the four walls of our houses. So the life since Chaitra 11 has been boring to many of us, specially children who are used to running around. All the schools, government offices (initial phase),public vehicles were closed to control the pandemic. When the government levied the lockdown all of a sudden, 5 Nepalese were affected by the virus. It was a sudden move taken by the government and everything was turned upside down. Covid-19 is new to the world. We had never ever heard about it before. And it is spreading all over the world very rapidly. The first covid-19 patient was found in the wuhan city of China. Soon due to globalization, it spread across the country and across the world. This pandemic has created a lot of problem in the economic, education, health and all the other sectors. The antidote of this disease has not been developed till the date, while scientists are struggling for the same. Till now more than 10 million people have been affected by it. It has become a big problem in the most affected U S and other countries. About 40,000 people were affected in a single day there. This has become a proof that how rapidly it is spreading. There are some preventive measures we need to compulsorily follow. Wearing mask while walking in public, restrict physical contact, drinking hot water as much as possible and maintaining distance would help a lot.
WHO has declared it as global pandemic. Meanwhile, government is also busy rescuing people stranded in other countries, though the process was late. Life has become difficult for middle class and unimaginable for the poor. And the government is being criticized for elongating the lockdown. Various sector is being affected due to this pandemic. The open border with India has worsened the situation. Covid 19 has effected the academic life of the students. Though exams for classes upto grade 9 were done in a hurry, SEE, SLC, plus two, bachelors, masters were cancelled. Most of the children are frustrated due to lockdown. Some are busy playing mobile games all day long. Most of them are happy though, spending their times with parents and relatives who used to be very busy due to work. Some schools and organization has started virtual classes. It is also the opportunity to change our traditional education system using modern technology.
Children are the future of the nation so parents should make the best use by teaching new things during this free time. Playing mobile games, sleeping all day long can also be very unhealthy. So parents should give extra attention to their children’s activities too. They may want to continue their routine the same way even during normal days after lockdown. Parents should help the children to return to the usual life. So at the end, what I would like to suggest my friends is make the best use of the free time, but also stay healthy with proper exercises. Please stay home and stay safe !(The writer is a grade 10 student of LAS, Hattiban-Kathmandu)