Children of 2 Revolutionary Couples Married on Same Stage, Tie Nuptial Knots

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

November 17, 2020/Rukum West-
Children of two revolutionary couples who were married on the same stage, have tied nuptial knots.
Sandeep Pun and Chunauti Oli tied nuptial knots in martyrs hall in Khalanga on Tuesday.
Sandeep is the son of martyr Surya Prakash Pun ‘Sundar’ and martyr Parampara Gautam ‘Brischhya’; while Chunauti is the daughter of parliamentarian Tej Bahadur Oli and former parliamentarian Jun Kumari Roka Magar.
When the these two couples had tied knots 24 years back, they had no idea that their children would develop affection towards each other and marry one day.
Those were the people’s war days, all the 4 couples were ready on the stage for the progressive marriage in a simple way.
That was the day of Jestha 25, 2053 BS and the venue was Purtimkada in the present Sanibheri remote Municipality in Rukum West
The then CPN(Maoist) had organised the program, which was the trend those days.
But it is sad that the 3 of them have become martyrs and sacrificed their lives.
The newly wed groom Sandeep Pun’s parents Surya Prakash Pun ‘Sundar’ and Parampara Gautam ‘Brischhya’ were killed in 2059 BS Bajhang in a short gap in different places.
And Kal Bahadur Nath’s better half Pabitra Buda Magar ‘Labha’ also became a martyr. They too have a daughter.
Most of the marriages were intercaste during those days.

The four couples
1.Surya Prakash Pun ‘Sundar’ from Chunbang-Parampara Gautam ‘Brischhya’ from Khalanga.
2.Tej Bahadur Oli of Mahat-Jun Kumari Roka ‘Prabha’ of Kakri.
3.Kal Bahadur Nath ‘Mahan’ of Pipal-Pabitra Buda Magar ‘Labha’ of Kholagaun.
4.Nar Bahadur Bohra of Purtimkada-Nirmala Mahatara.
(Couple number 1 have both died, Couple number 3-wife died, thus only 5 of them have survived the war)

Today’s newly wed couple
Groom Sandeep Pun is the son of couple 1 who are the martyrs. Meanwhile, the bride is the daughter of couple 2. Relatives from both the sides are very happy about the marriage and the new relationships of the two families. It’s a beautiful coincidence they rejoice. Just like their parents, they too tied knots through stage or progressive marriage. Former Minister for Home Affairs Janardan Sharma ‘Prabhakar’, Purna Gharti Magar-speaker of Lumbini Province along others were present on the occasion. Sandeep is a biotech engineer and was raised by his maternal grandparents after his parents death. Many children like him lost either of their parents, but he lost both of them. Chunauti the bride was also raised with difficulties during the people’s war. So after the marriage, he will get the love of Chinauti’s parents too. His grandparents were seen quite emotional on the occasion. The children chose each other as life partners making it a coincidence to recall the great history ! War has been always cruel. The ceremony brought smile on many faces again. Congratulations to both of you Sandeep and Chunauti !