Curfew in Nepalgunj to Control Coronavirus

अंग्रेजी स्वास्थ्य

May 4, 2020/Nepalgunj
District Administration Office of Banke has imposed curfew in Nepalgunj to control Coronavirus, following a sudden rise in the pandemic cases.
The decision regarding the curfew was taken on Monday, which would be implemented in all wards of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolis from 6pm Tuesday to midnight on Thursday.
“The curfew has been levied following the detection of Coronavirus in 16 people in Nepalgunj city alone. As it is a bordering area we need to be more cautious and curfew measures are to control the pandemic,” said Assistant CDO Dhirgaraj Upadhyay.
People are expected to stay in their houses during the curfew period anybody found violating the rules would be arrested, he added.