Darma Remote Municipality of Salyan Holds Free Health Camps for Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021/Salyan-
Darma remote municipality in Salyan has organised a free health camp for the locals.

It treated 47 villagers on Monday, at Bhalchaur health post on the first day of the camp and also distributed medicines as per the need.

There were 36 senior citizens above the age group of 60 and 11 pregnant women who received the ultrasound facility.

Earlier for pregnancy related checkups and ultrasound they had to travel all the way to Chaurjahari of Rukum West and the health camp in the village itself had given the lot of relief, the women in the health camp said.

“We are glad to organise the camp and find many senior citizens seeking the service for checkups like diabetes, pressure along others. After all it’s our duty,” said In Bahadur KC, the remote municipality chief.

Similarly, the health camps for senior people and pregnant women would be organised in Dhakadam on Tuesday, Darmakot on Wednesday and Darma on Thursday in the remote municipality, according to KC.