Global Warming Campaigner PK Sherpa and His 16 Years Son Scale Mt. Everest

अंग्रेजी खेलकुद

Sunday, May 23, 2021
Global Warming Awareness Campaigner and Mountaneer, Purna Kumar Sherpa and successfully climbed Mt. Everest along with his teenage son Sonam Sherpa.

Sherpa succeeded in scaling Everest with his son, aged 16, this morning and created a new record under the banner,’Father and Son Climate Change Campaign Mt. Everest-2021′.

A resident of Sanghu in Taplejung district, he is also a tourism entrepreneur and has scaled Mt.Everest many a times.

Also a board member of Nepal Mountain Academy, he has been continuously raising awareness against the climate change that has been hampering badly the mountains of Nepal.

“Snow is water and water is life, so no snow means no life,” he would coach.

He is popularly known as PK Sherpa.

Global warming has melted down the mountains and rocks can be clearly seen, making them ugly which usually remained covered with snow all the time.

Adversely, the melted snow has risked the lives of many populated and non-populated islands in the sea.