Government Contract Employees Union Urges Individual Security and Free Treatment of Infected Members

अंग्रेजी अर्थ स्वास्थ्य

Wednesday, May 19,2021/Kathmandu-
The All Nepal Government No-Permanent Contract and Employees Labour Union has urged the Government for the individual security of their members at all the three levels.

Making public a press note Monday, the Union has also asked for the free treatment of their non-permanent and contract based members during the deadly covid-19 pandemic situation, who work in government offices.

Bimala Acharya the central president of the Union has also wished for the quick recovery of the infected people and expressed their deep condolence towards the victims and urged all to maintain the safety protocols.

It has also urged for the hundred percent additional allowances to be given, saying their members had been working along with the permanent employees during the pandemic period.

“Last year’s lockdown, many of our members were removed from the job and didn’t receive total salary under the excuse of lack of attendance. During the lockdown period all the employees were on alternate working schedule but partiality was done,” revealed Bhavanath Sapkota, the central secretary of the Union.

“Such unfair treatment should not be repeated as we are also working amid such disturbing conditions,” Sapkota said.

There are many non-permanent health workers and doctors who have been striving day and night treating the patients but are being exploited, according to him.