Government Opens Weekly Flights for China, Qatar and Turkey


Friday, May 28, 2021/Kathmandu-
Nepal Government has decided to allow limited passenger flights to China, Qatar and Turkey.

As voices raised against the expensive and uneven charter flight rates, the government decided through a cabinet meeting, on Thursday, to open flights for 3 more countries besides India.

“Detailed discussion about the number of passengers to be allowed to board and other things like how many days of hotel quarantine based on their health history is yet to be finalised,” according to Rajan Pokhrel, director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

“The cabinet has decided to open the flights to and fro for Doha-Qatar, Istanbul-Turkey and Beijing-China. There have been chartered flights to Turkey and Qatar but as for Beijing only cargo flights have been operating,” Pokhrel informed.

“However, though it is said that the new decision would be implemented from June 1, it could not be the first day, as which day to be fixed for flights each week is yet to be decided,” he added.

The direction letter from the Tourism Ministry is yet to arrive in the CAAN office, with details.

Some countries have imposed a travel ban to Nepal and have put it on the list of “high risk”, as it shares porous border with India, with conditions still not improving.

Until Thursday, total 542,253 Nepalis had been infected with the virus with active cases numbering 116,476. The pandemic has so far killed 6,951 people.

The decision has been welcomed, as many Nepalese remain stranded in foreign countries with the government allowing exorbitant charges for chartered flghts.