Great Trail of Helambu, the Great Wall of Nepal !

अंग्रेजी विश्व

February 8, 2021/Helambu-
The Helambu Rural Municipality is famous not only due to Melamchi water origin, but also because of the construction of Himalayan Heritage Great Trail in the region.
The Great Trail is estimated to carry the total expenditure of 4 billion until it’s completion.

The construction work began in 2018 and around 400 mtrs long trail has been completed so far, with 2 Kms extended this year. The total length would be of 60 Kms extending upto Rasuwa district.
“I believe in big plans and am highly influenced by great thinker Daniel H. Burnham who encouraged things involving huge number of people, which could boil the blood of the masses,”says Nima Gyalzen Sherpa, chairperson of Helambu remote municipality.
“Helambu is just 60 Kms away from Kathmandu valley, so anyone with their stay in Kathmandu can join in for it’s one of the closest destination from the capital and is full of fascinating views,” Sherpa added.
“It covers almost all the religious sites in the region and 80 percent of snow-capped mountains seen in mountain flights from Kathmandu are visible through the trail,” he informed.

All materials used are as per national standard.
Guru Rinpoche had carried meditation in this holy region along the trail route now.
The Great Trail covers places like Thadepati, Melamchi gau, Tarkeghyang along others.
One can also witness different endangered species like red panda etc on the route.
The route for Langtang reserve also passes through the trail.
The federal government has provided 4 core rupees and province government has alotted 20 lakh this year.
This Nepali Great Wall is expected not only to add beauty to the region but also uplift the economic condition of the local people.