Guerrilla trail and major destinations of Rukum West not enlisted- Meghraj Khadka

अंग्रेजी राजनीति
Chitri Patan of Gotamkot-Rukum West

The Government has not included the Guerilla trail passing through Rukum West along other major destinations in the list of 100 destinations.
The 100 destination list was selected from all over the country for the Visit Nepal 2019-2020-2021.
Though there are a lot of possibilities and famous tourism destinations in Rukum West, only the Chitri Patan of Gotamkot- a new destination has been enlisted for the same.
Famous attractions of Rukum West like Digre Saikumari temple, Syarpu lake and Kamal lake of East; which have immense potentialities for development have been neglected.
Though the list has included the guerrilla trail passing through the Rukum East, the western Rukum trail part has not been acknowledged.
“The Chitri Patan area itself is not enough to attract the tourists and other places along the route should be developed along the route and the infrastructure developed,”says local and media person Hari Pariyar.

Maikot- Rukum East

“Syarpu lake should have been included in the list in order to have a proper linkage between the two destination. So the other destination on route like the Jharmare mountain, Thulo Kharka, Bheda Patan along other places leading to Chitri Patan could be developed,” Pariyar added.
Also, though the guerrilla trail falling in the East Rukum has been included the part falling in the West has been not excluded.
The guerrilla trail was named after it was once used by the Maoist cadre during people’s war.
The local people say the inclusion of the trail’s half part only that of East Rukum doesn’t give completeness.
Khara, Dalsinge, Chunbang and Mahat are the most known routes taken by the Maoist cadres in Rukum West.
Though the new destination in their district has brought some enthusiasm, it’s effective implementation part is yet to be seen says resident of Maikot in Rukum East Bharat kumar Pun.
“The trail should have been named as ‘Yarsha’ instead of Guerrilla, ” says Pun. Dhorpatan, Maikot and Patan has been famous as the Yarsha tourism region.