How to develop Tourism in Nepal ? Opinion

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता

Tilak Lama, Founder president-Nepal Canyoning Association/Tourism Entrepreneur

There should be an effective Master Plan for tourism development in Nepal. There is no consistency in the task put forward. So far only Nepal Tourism Board has been promoting it. This is not enough. The public sector is not operating in a planned way. Also the private sector doesn’t seem much innovative. All the related sectors need to work together with joint effort. The State should be more responsible.

Kamala Gurung, President- Gurung Tourism Entrepreneurs Association Nepal (GTEAN)
The policies regarding tourism in Nepal is very important. Secondly and most important is the infrastructure development. It is very difficult to operate unless there is proper infrastructure. Then comes the question of security in the country. Our guests need to feel safe and secure, while their stay here. They will not come to a place which is insecure. Though it’s not the case in Nepal.


Bodh Raj Bhandari, Chairman-Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition
Of course physical infrastructure development is a must. If there is no enough airports, proper roads, good hotels etc; tourists will not prefer us. We are actually selling things without proper modification. The tourists are putting great effort in searching us and coming to Nepal. Until their stay here, they should not face any kind of hardship. This will not only affect our business but also the name and fame of the country. The suggestions of tourism entrepreneurs should be also considered while making plans in the field.



Kiran Pd Shrestha, Hotel Himalayan Horizon-Dhulikhel
Earlier only the white skin people were considered tourists. But now the trend and notion has changed. This is simply because, the number of Nepalese people going around for refreshment and entertainment has increased. During olden days, only hospitality was the means to attract tourists in Nepal. There was no proper communication and technology. Yet people loved to come here. So we should be warm and good to our guests. They should always get the feel of being home.

Sakuntala Devkota, Member-VITOF Nepal

Physical infrastructure like road should be well developed, with proper connectivity. There should be good security management in tourism locations. Also, there is a need to focus on organic stuff to attract more tourists with healthy food. There should be proper training to those related in the field. Knowledge of foreign language is another plus point. The local culture and tradition should be preserved and displayed to the guests. Finally, the Government should also provide financial allowances and support too.