I Also Worked From Isolation: Anil Keshary Shah, CEO-Nabil Bank

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता अर्थ

November 12, 2020/Kathmandu-
Congratulations first of all for recovering from Covid-19?
-Thank you so much ! (Laughing) This has become a big achievement for now.

What are the safety measures in Nabil Bank?
-Banks are also the essential things during this Pandamics. Had the banks not opened the hospitals would also remain closed, because people need money for everything. We have provided Covid-19 guidelines and handbooks to our staffs. Not only our employees we also planned safety for our customers too. Mask was made compulsory right from the beginning. I too tested positive for Covid-19 and recently recovered. But I never stopped working. I worked from home. In fact ‘I also worked from isolation’!

You started your career as a teller?
-Yeah, when one looks at my life it may look different. But inside the book it is different. My family is in fact unique. My parents had an intercaste marriage. They fell in love back when they had been to abroad for higher studies. My mother belongs to the Newar community. During those days intercaste marriage was like marrying a same sex person. So the family had undergone a lot of stress. But my parents were always busy. They took their career more seriously. They hardly stayed together. As a child I thought everybody’s mom was working. My brother and I sometimes stayed with mother and sometimes with father. I understood the value of work right from that tender age. After the completion of my education I could have used my family name and joined some company as a manager, but I preferred to take up the teller’s job at a bank and start my career right from the bottom. May be I would have earned more but would not be at the position. See you are interviewing me because of what I am today!

What did you do with your first salary?
-Well, I brought it home. My mom was not here, she was the Nepalese ambassador for India and served in Delhi. When she came down I handed it to her. She in turn added some money to it and brought a Ganesh idol for me.

How is the corporate condition after Covid-19?
-It is slightly different, all the sectors have been affected. Nabil bank has been providing loan to goat farms in Kalikot to hydro power companies and tourism sectors. We have right now categorised the sectors into Red, Ember and Green. It’s our duty to properly plan about the hard earned money people are depositing in our bank with full trust. So we work wisely to allow efficient use of it. In this situation the Finance Ministry should form a ‘Task Force’ with expertise from different fields and properly plan the short term, medium term and long term plans. And look into the proper implementation. Right now all the sectors are moving in different directions. There is no proper planning.

So the savings are more than credit?
-Yes, because the business activities are limited. And people want to be more economical and reduce the unnecessary expenditures because of the situations. The remittance is still pouring in and are being deposited.

What about tourism and Nabil Bank?
-Nabil bank has it’s financial flows in many of the tourism sectors. Right now the sector has been hampered a lot. Incase of mountaineering, it is mainly based on foreign tourists but for famous places like Pokhara, Bardiya and many others soon after things get better the domestic tourists flow will increase.

What about women participation in the sector?
-It’s very good. It’s not just whether the number of women is 50/50 in the sector. As per me, one should look at what level they stand is more significant. When I left Mega bank, Anupama Khunjeli became the first woman CEO of Nepal. She didn’t rise to that level just because she is a woman, but because of her dedication and hard work.

Does Nabil have any schemes for women ?
-We do have Nabil Nari for women. There are subsidiary loans for them. And to tell loans given to women are covered faster than men.

To conclude, what do you say to the youths?
-Please don’t do what Anil Keshari Shah did. Don’t just become a job seeker, but become a job provider. Start with a few and later give many the opportunities.
We need to walk together, not alone. We should learn to support each other and progress !