Japan Flooding: 15 Dead, 9 Missing

अंग्रेजी विश्व

July 5, 2020/Japan-
Heavy rain in Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu, southern Japan, has led to severe flooding.
Fifteen people are believed dead and nine are missing on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu as devastating rains cause flooding and landslides.

Fourteen victims were found in the same flooded nursing home while the other was pulled from a landslide. The deaths have yet to be formally certified.

The authorities have ordered more than 200,000 to evacuate and 10,000 soldiers are being sent to help rescuers.

Heavy rain is predicted to continue overnight into Sunday.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged people to be on “maximum alert”.

Kumamoto’s governor, Ikuo Kabashima, told reporters the victims at the nursing home had been found “in cardio-respiratory arrest” – a term used in Japan before a doctor officially certifies death.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency said such rainfall had never been seen before in the region.