Jeep Accident in Aatbiskot Municipality in Rukum West Kills 5 People


November 28, 2020/Rukum West-
Jeep accident in Daje of Aatbiskot municipality in Rukum West has killed 5 people.
Four people died on the spot while 1 died on the way while being taken to the hospital for treatment, according to police sources.
The jeep was heading for a place called Ghaarikhola-10 in the same Aatbiskot municipality in the district.
The vehicle had slipped down some 100 mtrs below the road.
Police inspector Lal Bahadur Sunar reached the site for the investigation with the team of 11 and carried out the rescue work.
The deceased are identified as Kalibhan Nepali aged 51, Aaite Chandara aged 48, Gore Nepali aged 51, Sarke Nepali aged 66 and Lal Bahadur Nepali aged 68 of ward 8 of the municipality.