Journo Shrestha busy helping needy in lockdown

Health News

April 26, 2020/Kathmandu
Journalist Laxmi Shrestha is involved in relief work during the lockdown, due to outbreak of Covid-19.
The photo journalist is seen these days helping out economically backward people stuck in lockdown.
Shrestha has been working with organisations like Nepa Luza Khala and Aashika Foundation. She has been busy feeding needy people with cooked meal. Also they have been providing rice, salt, oil, pulses and groceries. Shrestha along with Sandip Basnet Vice-president of Aashika Foundation, Sudarshan Maharjan, Jyapuni Indu along others are also involved in raising awareness and prevention of Covid-19.
They have been also feeding the dogs, pigeons and other animals on the street.

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