Journalist Panthi comes up with ‘Kampan’

अंग्रेजी मनोरञ्जन

April 23, 2018- Journalist Kishor Panthi has come up with his book ‘Kampan’.

Senior leaders Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Pampha Bhusal, Senior journalist Kishore Nepal, Professor Dr. Khagendra Luitel and the writer’s mother Tulsi Devi Panthi along others made the book public amid a program held at Indreni in Baneshwor, on Monday.

The book is all about the destructive earthquake which shook Nepal in 2015.

On the occasion, former Prime Minister and Chairman of Naya Shakti Party Dr. Baburam Bhattarai praised the writer saying he had taken great pain to give the book a concrete form.

Bhattarai said the remaining compensation should be allotted to the affected families through the local units. He also took the platform to share his experience during the earthquake.

Another former Prime Minister and UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said the book sheds light on the bitter reality of the incident.

Nepal said that the book had actually brought tremors in the hearts of many people.

He said that the book is all about live experiences of the people and record of real events.

“Now a days people are documenting their experiences and the trend is increasing, it’s good,” he added.

On the other hand, senior journalist Kishore Nepal accused the politicians for not making the most effective use of the donations from the international and domestic donors. “People are unnecessarily suffering,” he exclaimed.

Professor at the Tribhuwan University Dr. Khagendra Luitel said that the most bitter experiences of the victims has been narrated in the simplest way.

Dr. Luitel claimed that the book is a historical document.

One of the character of the book and a Non Resident Nepali Bishnu Man Pradhan got emotional while sharing his experience.

Pradhan lost seventeen of his family members in the massive earthquake and had been in the US while the tragedy occurred.

His relatives had been at a religious congregation on the dark day.

Also another speaker Bishnu Maya Pariyar wished such incident never occurred again.

Pariyar shared bitter experience about her ailing father who had been paralyzed since 5 years during the time. “He died in the tent after three months,” she sadly informed.

She has built houses for four hundred and fifty people from her dalit community.

She gladly revealed that the fifty percent of the books earning on the first day would be donated to her institution for the welfare of the dalit women and children.

Eventually, the writer Kishor Panthi said he had no heart to remain in the US upon hearing about the sad news about earthquake in his homeland.

Panthi said the book was all about the experience and people he met while visiting the earthquake torn districts during the period.

“Its not only about the heart wrenching reality of the devastating earthquake; but also displays the brighter side and how to prepare oneself during such calamity,” he concluded.

He also informed that he would come up with the English version of the book soon.

The writer was himself involved in the rescue operation.

He is the editor at New York based Khasokhas weekly and US bureau chief of ABC television.