Journalist Tamang and Lama of Ujyalo Network Arrested


April 25, 2021/Kathmandu-
Police has arrested editor of Ujyalo network online Anish Tamang and MD DL Tamang over news about Indian RAW Chief Goel and Prime Minister Oli.

The police personnel had reached the media office this morning and controlled the movement of journalists and later making the arrest by handing the arrest warrant.

The duo were arrested from their Anamnagar based office, on Sunday.

Earlier, the Patan high court had given a verdict not to make any arrest because news writing.

Earlier the arrested journalist Tamang had written on his Facebook wall about the interference of the police in the office and informed about the incident.

The police had also seized computer and other equipments from the office, as per chief editor Buddha Lopchan.

The journalists present on the occasion had chanted slogans deeming the arrest of journalists and on the favour of press freedom and expression of speech.