Karnali Announces 36.54 Billion Budget; Best Farmer to Get Medal With Golden Plough

अंग्रेजी अर्थ राजनीति

Wednesday, June 16, 2021/Birendranagar-
Karnali Province has announced a budget of Rs 36.54 billion for the upcoming fiscal year.

As all the provinces announce their budgets on Tuesday, Karnali has come up with the budget focusing on agricultural promotion.

Among this 21.65 billion has been allocated for capital expenditure for the same.

Gopal Sharma, Minister for the Economic Affairs and Planning, said the provincial government would encourage farmers for organic production and announced different grants.

Just like literacy campaigns earlier, organic local units of Karnali will be announced one after another and supported with budget allocated.

Famers planting 100 fruit trees and more in atleast 5 ropni land will be supported with 50 thousand rupees grant to built physical infrastructures like water tank and pipes.

Two crore and 90 lakh has been allocated for local product marketing.

The best farmer would be awarded with a medal with golden plough, with prizes for other 200 farmers too.

Agricultural equipment production factories would be set-up in every local unit,

‘One local production for one local unit’ will get the continuity.

Mini cold storages will be established in 5 places in Chaurjahari of Rukum West, Dailekh Bazar of Dailekh, Dasratpur of province headquarter Birendranagar and Botechaur.

The cattle rearing farmers will be get 12 thousand rupees as treatment amount incase more than 50 cattles are kept.

War tourism will be developed and promoted with the conservation of historical People’s war sites like Khara of Rukum West along others.

‘Let’s visit Karnali this time’ has been announced.

‘Compost manure from waste’ will get the continuity.

The medicinal herbs processing and development centres will be set-up at Chhinchu of Surkhet and the products exported.

As per physical infrastructures development, Province Highways will be constructed connecting the district headquarters along others.