Kathmandu-the Purple City !


May 13, 2020/Kathmandu-
Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal has now turned into a beautiful purple city with the jacaranda in full blooms during the lockdown.
People locked in their homes are only compelled to enjoy the scenes by uploading and sharing the old pictures in the social sites.
However, in between the tensions of coronavirus cases rising to 220 across the country in the morning of Wednesday, the walker has managed to grab some pictures of jacaranda blossoms mesmerising the capital city.
The scene at the mosque before darbarmarg is the most fascinating and breathtaking.

Jacaranda is a genus of 49 species of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of Latin America and the Caribbean.
It has been planted widely in Asia especially in Nepal. A cosmopolitan plant, Jacaranda mimosifolia is quite common in southern California, Florida, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Zambia and has been introduced to most tropical and subtropical regions to the extent that it has entered the popular culture.

PC:Fatima Bano