Lockdown from Tuesday morning, until a week

अंग्रेजी राजनीति स्वास्थ्य

March 23, 2020/Kathmandu: Government has declared lockdown from Tuesday on wards for a week.
This comes following the decision of the cabinet meeting held on Monday evening headed by Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokhrel, to curb the Covid-19.
The lockdown will be effective from Tuesday morning from 6 am onwards.
All the other transportation besides the most important along with the health service will be not allowed to ply on the road, during the period.
Also the press vehicles will be allowed.
Earlier, though the Government had announced a semi-lockdown, it had not been much effective.
Likewise, the security unit vehicles and those with permit can ply along with some Government vehicles.
On Monday itself the Health Ministry had revealed a positive corona case found in a 19 year old Nepalese student, who had been to Nepal via Qatar from France.
The private sector employees are also given leave until the lockdown is over.