Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant-Nepal’s first full vegan restaurant

अंग्रेजी स्वास्थ्य

If you go to Thamel, please visit the Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant to get familiar to the spirit of affection and care towards the speechless innocent creatures, who are our friends. Yes, We are talking about the campaign going vegan in order to protect the animals who also have the right to live on this planet. You can meet the owners Krishna Gurung, Shakti Yonjan and Samu Rai; who have been running the vegan restaurants not only for business but for the love of the innocent creatures who need affection rather then abuse and killing.
Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant is operated based on a simple principle -love and compassion to all living beings. Nepal’s first full vegan restaurant. As awareness on health and animal rights are increasing, the vegan community is growing larger day by day. Unfortunately, in our city and country, services that cater to the vegan way of life are still scarce. Even though the prospects of vegan tourism are good, pure vegan food is not available easily.

Samu Rai at restaurant

Being the first restaurant in Nepal run by Nepalese vegan group, they think it’s their responsibility to provide tasty and healthy vegan food to the customers. In doing so, they believe that it will help to establish the humanly traits of kindness and love to people and animals into the society. It is also their passion and wish to aid in the sector of animal welfare.
Krishna Gurung is the president of Nepal Vegetarian Association, thus he has more responsibilities. His home district is Tanahu and carries affection for innocent animals right from childhood.
The loving Heart Vegan Restaurant has been in existence at the Z-street in Thamel, since one and a half year now. Earlier, they had the restaurant had Bouddha for 3 and half year. “In Europe there has been a big campaign in the field of going vegan. And when some of them come here in Nepal, it’s very difficult for them. I had seen many crying , because they don’t get what they want. So we thought of starting the vegan restaurant,” explains Gurung. “But now a days in Nepal too the number of activists for animal rights has increased dramatically, ” he further added. Gurung told us that in Israel it’s a huge prestige to be a vegan. People really respect them.

Shakti Yonjan in black t-shirt as a animal right activist

He shared with the walker team that once during the beauty contest; a Sherpa contestant had answered a questions as what she would do if she gets 5 lakh rupees. She has calmly responded that she would donate half of the amount for the cause of the animals. More and more youngsters are getting involved in the campaign, according to him. His two children are also good activists in the field who encourage their friends to go vegan. His daughter goes out herself to rescue the animals in problem. He has been vegan since 18 years. His wife too has supported him in his work and the family is purely vegan; except his old parents.

Ginger Fish with rice


“During Tamu Lhosar, our stall had won the best award among the 200 others,” gladly revealed Shakti Yonjan. “So it’s no animal DNA food we serve,” Yonjan said. “Vegans live longer and are healthy, ” he claims. Yonjan who also runs a vegan trekking had met some Everest climbers who were vegan. He was very much happy to know that. Samu Rai, the lady partner in the team is Yonjan’s elder sister. She is most of the time found in the kitchen, helping out with the cooking. The food is healthy and tasty. There are eight staffs at present, who well trained for the same. Some of them are vegan themselves. Thus, Loving Hearts Vegan Restaurant is not only a business for the three; it’s a passion and care for the innocent animals. Also a station for those who love them !