Maalika Region in Salyan Developing as a Tourism Destination


November 15, 2020/Salyan-
Maalika region in Darma remote municipality of Salyan has been developing as a tourism destination in the region.

The high mountain plain with scenic beauty has the view of 7 districts in the Karnali province.

Domestic tourists from within the district, neighbouring Rukum West and other places have been visiting the place.

“Maalika is also a religious destination and people from different walks of life throng the place. It is also known for it’s organic agricultural production. So people can relish the different varieties of local production and also enjoy the rich cultural programs during their stay,” says Nim Bahadur KC, Darma Remote Municipality Chief.

“Coronavirus has hampered our plans to a large extent, but we do have plans to establish homestays, children parks, martyrs park, playgrounds, golf courts and if possible even the swimming pools to further develop the region,” KC added.

Different cultural festivals, fairs, sports events, interaction with journalists in the district have been organized, according to him.

Paiseru, Bangaad, Mayur naach, Tappa and other folk dance forms are the famous and most popular performances of the region.

The land was once reigned by a king called Kedar Chand, and therefore the legend has that the place name ‘Darma’ was derived from the last part of the king’s first name ‘Dar’ from ‘Kedar’. Thus the place got it’s name ‘Darma’.

“We have just completed the DPR of the Malika region and are all set for it’s development and promotion,” says Asbir Budhathoki, president of Maalika Tourism Promotion Infrastructure Development Committee.

“A temple and other physical infrastructures are built with the support of Tourism Ministry at federal level and the Darma rural Municipality,” Budhathoki added.

Recently, a lift system for water supply has been set-up in the region with the total investment of 4.5 crore rupees.

This has enabled fresh drinking water to places which suffered scarcity since ages.

However, the financial condition has also been a major cause for the hurdles in the development of the region.

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