Maoist Centre Adaanchuli in Humla Distributes Health Materials in Every Household of 6 Wards

अंग्रेजी राजनीति स्वास्थ्य

Friday, June 4, 2021/Humla-
CPN(Maoist Centre) Adaanchuli in Humla has distributed health materials in every household of 6 wards in a bid to prevent and control covid-19.

Different health related materials like masks, sanitizer, soap along others were distributed on Friday in Adaanchuli of the district.

Also, the health materials were handed over to Srinagar health post, according to Haridal Pun, CPN(Maoist Centre) Adaanchuli Chairperson.

Maoist party province member Ransingh Pariyar was also involved in the campaign.

“Other political parties can also join the drive, we should go into action before it is too late,” said Karna Rokaya, party asst incharge of the village committee.

“In every village committee we have formed 7-member committee and 5-member committee in every ward to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and raise awareness,” informed Lalkesh Jaisi, the Maoist Centre Humla district Chairperson.

Party’s Tajakot village committee had contributed 15 cartons of soap for the same.

Though the remote district of the Karnali province is comparatively safer than other districts, many local leaders joined hands for safety measures, as the country is reeling under second wave of coronavirus.

Adaanchuli is made up of earlier Srinagar and Kalika village development committees with the population of around 5 thousand people.