Maoist(Centre) Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Gorkha Jail Break

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

March 30, 2021/Kathmandu-
Maoist(Centre) has celebrated 20th anniversary of Gorkha jail break, felicitating the warriors-all women.

Maoist(Centre) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said that the reactionary forces had become successful in using Prime Minister KP Oli in creating chaos in the country and putting the achievements of revolution at risk.

Addressing the program held at Parisdada in Koteshwor Prachanda said that the government had influenced even the judiciary to fulfil their whims.

“We have filed the case for justice again in the supreme court for the injustice done by splitting our party. We had urged the court for justice against the atrocities of Oli government, but the court has given verdict on issue we had never demanded,” he said.

On the occasion Gorkha jail breakers Kamala Naharki ‘Sapana’ and Rita BK were felicitated.

Also father of martyr Mina Marhatta ‘Jyoti’ who was a member of the jail break was also felicitated on the occasion.

In 2001, March 2001, 6 young women cadres of then CPN(Maoist) who were inmates at Gorkha jail had bravely escaped digging a tunnel.

Among those female leaders were Uma Bhujel ‘Shilu’, Kamala Naharki ‘Sapana’, Rita BK ‘Kavita’, Sanju Aryal ‘Nisha’ and Angela BK ‘Sakuntala’.

Speaking on the occasion Kamala Naharki ‘Sapana’ said that it was not the question of fame but dire wish to work with the people outside under open sky for the transformation in the country.

Later after the jail break in a period of about one year, Mina Marhatta and Angela BK were killed in the district in different locations by the then Royal army.

It took around four months for the digging process of the tunnel for their freedom from the jail.

Uma Bhujel has now joined the Biplov faction of another communist party and has moved separately.