My First Flight to My Home District Humla: Pilot Arjun Rawat


Thursday, May 6, 2021/Simikot-
I am a resident of Humla district in Karnali province and was born in Simikot, the district headquarter. I did half of my schooling in Simikot itself. My district is one of the most remote in the Karnali province and airways are the only mode of travel until now. People from rich to poor have no other option then taking planes. The district is not yet connected with the country’s main road network. So visiting the district one needs to first land at Simikot airport and make the rest of the destination. As a child, watching aircrafts landing and taking off everyday, was my daily routine. I would always wonder about the working mechanism behind the flying of the airplane. It was difficult to gather information about my interest to become a pilot in future I approached every single soul for my career counseling. I used to collect every information I found in the newspaper and other available stuffs.
Then I came to Kathmandu for further studies after completing my studies in Mansarovar high school in the district. It became much easier to know more about airplanes unlike in my remote place.
Health sector and transportation are equally under developed in my region.
My father being a local level public representative always dreamed, that we as his children should contribute something on those sectors. Both of my elder siblings chose to pursue their career in health sector. Similarly, my parents expected me too to make health sector as my career.
It was hard to oppose my parents and ruin their expectation. So I took biology as a major subject in plus two in CCRC, Kathmandu. But was still confused and unhappy about my passion. I even passed my medical entrance examination and when it was time to choose the college, I was in a great dilemma. Whether I should pursue my passion or just follow the paths of my sibling was a huge question before me.
Then, I had a serious final talk with my family. And they were very supportive and their assent led me to pursue my dream.
After that I started checking different consultancies. This phase was a big struggle as I had no mentor. I was all alone striving towards my career and there was nobody to counsel me individually.
After few months I got to know about ROYHLE FLIGHT TRAINING ACADEMY in PHILIPPINES. And then I enrolled myself there and completed my training on time. It was May 2019 when I accomplished my dream qualification of becoming a pilot. I returned back to my home country with lot of enthusiasm and confidence to begin my flying career.
Recruiting process was very competitive among all those well trained pilots. Blissfully I was recruited as a FO in SITA AIR. So through all this ups and down, I have become the first pilot of Humla district !

The covid-19 pandemic had hit hard not only the aviation industry, but the entire country’s economy. It also hankered and pushed back my dream flights for a whole year. I was sad as any other pilot. I was very eager to begin my flying in the open sky. Eventually, the severeness of the pandemic eased and my first flight was scheduled on 19th April 2021. That is a most important date in my life. And luckily my first flight route happened to be from KATHMANDU TO SIMIKOT as I had hope.

I had informed my parents about me flying home in my first dream flight. As I am a co-pilot, under Capt Roshan Koirala, we flew to my district that day. I was only expecting my parents and relatives at the airport, but there was a huge crowd waiting for my arrival. It was a wonderful feeling to be welcomed by my own people of simikot. I was shocked for the warmest welcome in my home district and the love showered by them. If we work hard to achieve our passion, no-one can stop us !