my little blue flower-Laxmi Pun

Art/Entertainment Literature

When I was in my teens
a friend of mine
gifted me
a small bushy plant
with 3 little blue flowers
But very tiny
to know their features
I planted it in a coke bottle
which was cut half
and hanged it right near the door
with a white strong string
on a dry sturdy twig
I had erected against the wall
tied firmly with nails
As I watered them regularly
Was happy to see
the soily drops
dripping from the bottom
on the cow-dung washed floor
And one fine morning
when I came out
Yawning lazily
I was delighted to see
many many blue dots
covering the little bush !
‘Aama they have all bloomed,’
I shouted in joy
Our Sethe also barked
wagging his tail
to celebrate together
As days passed
few noticed them
but nothing bothered
They were glad
in their little world
As warm and cool breeze blew
they swayed gently
and stood firmly
with their heads high
There were roses, jasmines
shoe-flowers and sun flowers
in the courtyard
all in their pride
But the tiny blue dots
were my stars
in the dark green sky
like a fiery gulmohar
and the giant banyan
My dwarf morning glory
were my favourite!