Newly Appointed Ministers of Karnali Gopal Sharma and Sita Nepali Take up Responsibilities

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

Monday, May 17, 2021/Birendranagar-
Karnali province Minister for Financial Affair and Planning, Gopal Sharma ‘Anal’ and Sita Nepali Minister for Internal Affair and Law have been sworn in as the new Ministers of Karnali.

The duo took the responsibilities after a gap following some dispute regarding the splitting of Physical Infrastructure Ministry.

The newly appointed Minister Gopal Sharma ‘Anal’ took up the responsibility after garlanding the pictures of martyrs.

The first martyr of communist movement Kami Budha, first martyr of people’s war Dil Bahadur Ramtel, first martyr of democratic movement Umesh Chandra Thapa, martyr Yageshwor Sharma, first woman martyr of people’s war Dhanmaya Shrestha along others.

Minister Sharma also took the responsibility of the ministry by signing 3 development plans of remote districts of the province.

The plans include 1 crore 27 lakh rupees for Domukh motorable bridge and 5 crore 11 lakh Jhukla motorable bridge for Mugu district.

Also, 10 crore 55 lakh for Kyatu-Saldang-Dho road project in Dolpa district.

“My priorities are the remote parts of Karnali province,” Sharma said.

Sharma was elected from Rukum West after defeating Khadak Dangi of Nepali Congress for the province assembly.

Similarly, Sita Nepali has been appointed for the Minister of Internal Affair and Law.

Nepali is also the chief whip of CPN(Maoist Centre) and the first Dalit female Minister of Nepal.

Though there were other dalit female ministers earlier, they were not cabinet or full minister.

Earlier, though the chief minister had recommended three names for the expansion of the province cabinet, Bindaman Bista didn’t succeed this time.

Nepali has sworn in as the Internal Affair Minister which had earlier been recommended for Bista.

She was first recommended for Energy and Water Resources Ministry, which was splitted from Physical Infrastructure Ministry.