Gender makes no difference, if you know your work well ! Anupama Khunjeli-CEO, Mega Bank  

अन्तर्वार्ता अर्थ
  •  How many years in Mega bank?

-Yeah, since its inception. It has been 8 years now (smiling). However, it has been total 28 years in the banking sector. In 1991, I started my career as a teller in the present Standard Chartered Bank. I worked there for 13 years and had reached to the manager level. Since 2004 I served in the Nabil bank, until 2010. Here in Mega I started my job as a DGM. So the journey went through becoming the GM, Deputy CEO, acting CEO and now the CEO.

Since when have you been the Chief Executive Officer?

-Since this Baisakh. I am glad the board has trusted me for the post and helped to break the glass ceiling.

Does it matter that you are a woman boss?

-I have been compliant and result oriented since the very beginning. And I also love to take suggestions from others as well. I encourage the brainstorming part a lot. And those who like this will definitely flourish. There is no difference between a man or a woman if you know your work ! If you are dedicated and hardworking the gender makes no difference. The most important aspect is the people. If they have the strength, the result is sure to follow; which is very important. Here in Mega we are very much knitted together. As I mentioned before, I have been in Mega since its inception; so I was involved in all the minutest process, planning, policy implementation, selecting the staffs etc. My entire life, I have dedicated to this sector, so I know each and every department and the smallest thing well due to my own experience. Everybody has their own role and responsibilities. Its nothing like man and woman. We work together and greet our customers and each other with ‘Mega namaste’. So this creates a kind of a bonding between us and keeps us united.

What is the major challenge for Mega?

Well, Capital Enhancement is one of the major problem. We have 10.5 billion until this fiscal year. Like any other bank there is problem of loanable fund scarcity. This may sometimes pose hindrance for growth. Otherwise, we have a very good networking throughout the country. We have recent merging with Paschimanchal Development Bank and Tourism Development Bank; thus becoming a bigger one. We are in top three in capital vice. There are 102 branches throughout the country. There are also remittance agents and are very good at provincial foot prints as well.

How about supporting the tourism sector?

-Yeah, I just said we recently had merger with the Tourism Development Bank. So we do have responsibility for that sector too. We are planning to develop our Thamel branch as the ‘One stop solution for tourism’ Our board itself is a composition of Education and Tourism sector. So the Thamel branch will mainly focus on tourism activities and create a hub for the same. Our country is beautiful with lots of potentialities for tourism Industry.

What is the women strength in Mega?

-The second position to me in our bank is also a woman. Ravina Deshraj Shrestha is the Assistant Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Mega has forty percent women staffs.

Do you think you are at the right place?

Well, as a child I never thought of becoming a doctor or an engineer like others. I went to India for further education. I happened to take account subject in Rotary Public School. So after coming to Nepal, I had no other option then starting a business or serving in a bank. Some of my friends were already working in banks. It was the latest trend in those days. New banks were coming up. And as you work, gradually you have the aspiration to reach higher and higher.

How many hours do you work?   

Though we say 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, most of the time it extends to 7,8 and 9. There is tough competition in the market so we need to work as per the demand of the hour. Therefore this sector is different then others.

How do you manage time for your family?

-Yes I am a mother, wife and my parent’s daughter. I cannot give them much time. But they understand things. I have a very supportive family. My mother-in-law raised my daughter, as I was busy with my career. But I try to manage time for them.

What would you be if not a banker?

I love sports and enjoy all the racket games. At school level I took part in all the sports events. Had there been better opportunities like the developed countries; I think I would have made my career in sports.

What is the secret of  your success?

Success is equal to opportunity and hardwork. You need to look for the opportunities, they may not just come to you !