Paddy Plantation for Village Tourism Development: Ram Sapkota, Chairman-VITOF-Nepal


June 29, 2018

the walker desk-The Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF-Nepal) organized a Paddy Planting Festival in Lele of Godawari Municipality, Lalitpur in Kathmandu this year. The event took place in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board.

“The festival was organized to continue our tradition of ‘Ashar 15’ and to promote Agro tourism,” said Ram Sapkota-the Chairman of the Forum “It will also help in promoting village tourism”

According to Sapkota the program would also assist in the promotion of the cultural event and cultural tourism.

VITOF-Nepal has been organizing this festival since some years.

Lele mostly displays rich culture of Newari community and proudly succeeded in keeping the traditional festivities intact. It is also famous for its natural geography with lush green plains.

Most of the participants wearing white t-shirts were tourism entrepreneurs mixed with other folks from different walks of life.

They were seen planting paddy and dancing in the rhythm of the local Newari music played by a band of musicians in typical Newari attire.

Journalists from various media had also thronged the venue for news coverage.

Some Foreign tourists were also spotted at the site.