Present Covid-19 Situation Will Change Soon: Zhang Yue(Barsha), CMG-Journalist

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता

December 1,2020/Kathmandu-
Ms Barsha what is your real name?
-My real name is Zhang Yue and Barsha is my Nepali name, which I took after coming to Nepal.

What is your routine these days?
-I work for China Media Group. Like you I am also in Kathmandu these days. Most of the time I work from home. Incase of important events I cover them and send the news and relay the same from China. If I need to move out, I take proper measures. I wear mask, maintain proper distance and use a sanitizer.

How long have you been in Nepal?
-This has been continuosly 3 years now. But since 2001 I have been in Nepal frequently many times.

How long have you been in media?
-It has been 21 years now.

Where did you acquire your academic qualification?
-I have done major in Nepali Language from Beijing Broadcasting Institute along other studies.

How many languages do you know?
-I know Chinese, Nepali and English.

What do you say about the present Covid-19 situation?
-I am very much positive about the situation, it will change soon. China has succeeded in controlling the pandemic and so will Nepal one day. Perhaps in a time of 6 months the Covid-19 medicine shall also arrive.

Tell something about Nepali Culture?
-Though Nepal is small geographically, it has diverse culture. All the ethnic communities have preserved their culture properly. They have been observing their festivals and other events nicely and they have their own language.

How about tourism?
-Nepal has diverse flora and fauna in a close distance area. During my stay I have roamed around a lot. Nepal is beautiful. But during this situation, safety measures are necessary. Nepalese people need to stay safe and even those coming from abroad. Good days will do come but safety is very important.

Which is your favourite tourism destination ?
-I had recently visited the Modi himal and stayed there for 3 nights. I enjoyed the hiking and the natural beauty around. There are many beautiful destinations in Nepal and I like many places here. I like Pokhara the most among them.

Do you feel homesick?
-I stay here with my husband and two daughters. So I don’t have to worry much about them. But my mother and sisters are in Beijing. And my mother is 70 plus. So I miss her a lot. I keep in touch with them through online conversations. I visit them once a year.

Which is your favourite Nepali food?
-I like the Nepali meat pickle the most. It’s spicy, sweet and sour. I like other items too.