Ram Kumari Jhakri Arrested on State Crime Charges

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

February 11, 2021/Kathmandu-
Police has arrested leader Ram Kumari Jhakri, on charges of crime against the state.

She was arrested from her home in Shankhamul, in Kathmandu on Thursday morning.

According to a police arrest warrant, Jhakri was detained for crime against the state under article 58 of the Criminal Code, 2017.

Superintendent of Police Krishna Prasad Koirala, spokesperson for the Metropolitan Crime Division, said Jhakri has been arrested for interrogation in relation to some remarks she recently made against the President.

“When the dictators near their fall, they use different tricks,” Jhakri said while talking to press and agitators in her favour chanting slogans before her residence.

She added that it was a political case and that autocrats lay restrictions on freedom of speech.

If found guilty for the crime against the state, a person is liable to a maximum of seven years of jail or Rs 70,000 fine or both.

Meanwhile, the Dahal-Nepal faction, Jhakri’s party has issued a press statement, condemning Jhakri’s arrest and demanding her immediate release.