Musikot Municipality in Rukum West to start Homestays


July 19, 2019/Musikot

Musikot municipality in Rukum West, is all set to start homestays.

Preparations are almost complete for home stays in 7 out of 15 households in Saakha village of Musikot municipality.

The villagers of Saakha interested in engaging themselves in home stays have started registering their home stays with the municipality.

According to the mayor of Musikot municipality the home stay locations in the local households were finalized as per the simple standards of cleanliness, available space in the house and proper management.

Though such efforts were made many a times, the local people were not in a condition to take the initiation.

The trainings were jointly given by Culture and Tourism Development centre and Musikot Municipality.

In the first round, Mina Pandey, Devi Pun, Sarita Pun Budha, Kalpana B.K, Mina B.K, Champa B.K and Sarupa B.K will be hosting the guests in their new home stays.

According to journalist Hari Gautam, the interested candidates were trained for the same and other process has been in full swing.

The  Municipality had allocated two lakh rupees for the management and visit work along others.

Saakha was been chosen for the home stay because it is closer to Mid-hill highway and has many places of tourism attraction, according to the chairperson of Culture and Tourism Development Centre, Pahal Singh Gharti.

Earlier to this homestays were for the first time introduced in Syarpu festival in Baafikot, as informed by another journalist Meghraj Khadka.

It is also expected to preserve and promote local dance and folk songs.

Though homestay is a new concept for the people, they are slowly getting attracted towards the work as a means of gathering some income.