Rukum West: Fire on Maurakhara Mountains Shocks Villagers, Hunt for Culprit Underway


November 19, 2020/Rukum West-
Fire on Maurakhara mountain in Sanibheri remote municipality-3 Garayala in Rukum West is feared to have killed many endangered birds and animals.
Usually the some villagers illegally set up fire during summer, with the notion to yield better wild grass used for thatched roof.
However, fire in the winter has shocked many people.
“We have asked the police to go to the site and inquire about the incident. The culprits will be strictly punished,” says Nar Bahadur Pun, Sanibheri remote municipality chief.
“It’s a criminal and shameful act and proper investigation will be done for the same,” says Pun.
The ward chief Birkha Bahadur Bista says the act is insane and that they have directed the forest consumer committee to look into it seriously.
“This is the first time that fire was set-up in winter. Many wild endangered animal species must have lost their lives due to this insane act. We will try our best to find the culprit behind it,” Bist added.
Though there are forest guards recruited in the region, it has become a difficult task to trace the culprit behind the scene.
The fire could even reach out the farm houses of the villagers above the villages.
Endangered species like red panda, mountain deers, bears, tigers and different types of birds are at high risk of extinction due to such acts.
Maurakhara is a famous natural destination or site of religious importance and war tourism.