Sahaj Fund brings relief to more than hundred families

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता स्वास्थ्य

April 20, 2020/Kathmandu

It has been a week and Sahaj Fund has provided relief to more than hundred families around the capital so far.The fund came into existence soon after the lockdown hours turned hard on the people.

Sahaj Nath Khadka the founder of the fund had never thought his initiation would be applauded to this extend.When he saw people crying on the road without proper food and out of anxiousness due to no work and security, that was the point he thought something should be done.Most importantly he didn’t wait any minute and started out helping. He never thought that it was only the Government’s responsibility or someone else’s. He got a very good response from his friends, relatives and most importantly his mom. She would be always around helping him with the packing when he was alone and now too when there are some helping hands.

“Most people think they should commence helping others only when they have enough. And that situation may actually never come. Some people offer to help not because they have plenty but because they love to share and satisfied with what they have. That is the point where humnaity begin,” says Khadka on phone. He further gave an example saying that if a person has only 70 rupees with him and buys a plate of momo it tastes more delicious and is satisfied than buying the same thing while having one thousand rupees.

He strongly believes that Nepal is a land of opportunities and nobody should go to bed hungry.

“They are not asking for biryani or any expensive food, poor people need only rice and dal right now. And no one should be denied,” he explains.

By profession he is tourism entrepreneur and runs some restaurants. He owns Around the Corner Cafe in Bansbari and Sukhedhara. Also he runs a resort Around the Hills Villa in Naubise of Dhading. He a product of Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management and hails from Dolakha, now a Kathamndu based hotelier.

Th 26 years guy has been to five countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Norway, India and Indonesia. But strongly believes something should be done in the home country. Social work has been his passion right from the college days. He has received many leadership trainings for the same. And he enjoys helping out people in need. This is not his first time as had also participated in reaching out people after the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Some days back he received a PPE from Mahavir Pun and that has made work more safer and brought more enthusiasm. His mom does the cleaning of the PPE everyday. She makes sure that her son does things safely and bring smiles to more faces. He thinks this much work is not enough as the post lockdown days would be more challenging. His network has been extending day by day. Also he has become more responsible with the increasing number of calls for support and the trust in him. He is fully satisfied with his work and glad to meet generous and kind hearted people every day.

“Art of giving !” he exclaims.

If you want to be a part of Sahaj Fund to fight against hunger in this situation then do support Sahaj Fund with Rs 20 through

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