Sauraha tourism master plan in pipeline-Suman Ghimire, President-Hotel Association of Nepal(HAN) Sauraha

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता मनोरञ्जन

When were you elected the president?

-It was back on November 22. It has been two years now.

When was the Chitwan chapter of HAN established?

-It was established in 2053. Giridhari Choudhery was the founding president.

Are you a local?

-I come from other part of Chitwan. But was brought up here in Sauraha. Therefore, I know each and every crook and cranny of this region.

How many hotels in Chitwan?

-There are 150. Out of which 110 are located in Sauraha alone, that makes 90 percent of the total.

Up to what star hotels do we find here?

-We have up to 3 star hotels here in Sauraha. Most of them are general hotels, lodges and restaurants.

What are the works done in your term?

-We have been organizing training for employees in different hotels. The Sauraha tourism master plan is in the pipeline. A gate is being built with the support of Nepal Tourism Board. We had recently visited Patna, Varanasi and Lucknow for tourism destination promotional program. Every year we organize Elephant Festival, since 14 years. Even after my tenure concludes, will support the new upcoming committee to accomplish the tasks.

How about the promotion of local Tharu Culture?

-Local employment has been in priority. Due to the tourism here in Sauraha, the locals, who are Tharu is the major community to benefit from the the industry. Cultural programs are performed by them, which also promotes and preserves their tradition. Ox-carts are in demand for the village tour. There is also a Tharu museum and culture house. There are different home stays etc which directly assist in the economic development of the community. They themselves are also entrepreneurs in the sector.

What is the co-ordination with the central HAN?

-We have a very good co-ordination with the central HAN. Whenever we ask for any technical support or idea, they are there. Training and other things held at the centre. We also receive guidance and suggestions for working.

How about co-ordination with other chapters?

-We do have our network and sort suggestions during difficulties. Most of the part is covered by the Bharatpur chapter.

What are the important still pending?     

-The master plan and the construction of gate are still underway.