Shyam Kakshapati, Founder of Nanglo Chain of Restaurants Passes Away in Bankok


Tuesday, August 10, 2021
Shyam Sundar Lal Kakshapati, the founder of famous Nanglo Chain restaurants and one of the pioneers of cafe culture in Nepal, has passed away.

Shyam died in Bangkok on Monday, while undergoing treatment for cancer.

He had been battling against cancer since four years and had been rushed to Bankok 4 months back for the treatment, according to family sources.

He had struggled long since his teen age and reached the stage with great effort. He had started Sam’s Grocery Shop at Ratna Park at the age of 19 after his father’s death.

Along with his brother Gopal Kakshapati, he started the most famed Nanglo restaurant in 1976. It became a talk of the town.

His another experiment was the River Side Spring Resort, he commenced in 1996 at Kurintar.

He also started the taxi service in Kathmandu called ‘Kathmandu Yellow Cab’.

Many of his ventures failed but he didn’t give up.

However, his Bakery Cafe brought him new fame for being the first to employ the hearing-impaired in the country.

He also owned Shubhatara school.

Shyam was elected the president of the Hotel Association of Nepal in 2012.

He always gave a message that ‘new is saleable’.

He is survived by his wife Rani Gurung- a former Nepal Television news reader, a son and a daughter.

He will be always remembered for his non ending perseverance in Nepal’s Tourism Industry.